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I need to simulate a freeway pile-up collision scenario involving 20 vehicles. I am able to create an EDSMAC4 event with 20 vehicles in it, but when I try to increase beyond 20, I am unable to create the event. Why?

While it is possible to create EDSMAC4 simulations with any number of vehicles, there currently is a limitation of 20 vehicles in order to help users work quickly on their collision simulations.  Every vehicle involved in an EDSMAC4 collision simulation requires a certain amount of memory allocation to properly handle the display of the damage to the vehicle.  As the number of vehicles increases, more and more memory is required, which if the user’s computer is not equipped to handle, could lead to very slow performance during event calculation and playback.  By limiting the user to 20 vehicles, it ensures that all users will have the best possible experience.  Plus, it is probably advisable to break an entire freeway pileup scenario into several key events anyway, which would definitely involve less than 20 vehicles in each event.  Simply stitch the sequence together in the Playback Window to display the entire scenario!

If you need to extend this "soft" limit beyond 20, please call EDC Technical Support for assistance.

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