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HVE does not restart properly after saving a vehicle to User.DB

Question: After crashing while attempting to save a vehicle to the User Database in Version 9.10, I restarted HVE but the program window does not appear on my Desktop or in the Windows Task Bar. What do I do?

Answer: HVE Version 9.10 has a bug related to the User.DB as well as Add Vehicle, Previous. We are working on a patch. Until the patch becomes available, users should not save a vehicle to User.DB or use Add Vehicle, Previous. This problem also prevents HVE from restarting properly.

To correct the situation, please follow these steps:

1. Launch the Task Manager (Press ctrl + alt + delete and then select to Start Task Manager).

2. Click on the Processes tab and then locate hve.exe in the list.

3. Left-click to select the hve.exe process, then right-click to display the menu.

4. Select "End Process" on the menu to terminate the hve.exe process.

5. Close the Task Manager.

6. Open your file browser and go to the HVE/supportFiles/db folder location.

7. Locate and delete the user.db file. Note that it is only 1kb in size.

8. Close your file browser.

9. Start HVE and get back to work.

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Last update: 2013-04-23 22:42
Author: EDC
Revision: 1.1

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