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I recently installed Version 8 on my new computer with Windows 7. During the installation, I noticed the default installation location is now C:\HVE, rather than C:\Program Files. Why?

Starting with the Windows Vista operating system and continuing on in Windows 7, the Program Files directory location has security settings that make it very difficult or impossible for applications like HVE to create and store necessary operating files within the installation tree.  When you run HVE, you generate temporary files, case files and other supporting files directly within the HVE directory. If you had full Administrator privileges, then you may be able to override the security settings of the Program Files directory.  However, your user created files may still wind up being placed into a virtual store under your logged in User directory.  To keep your access to  case files and your overall use of HVE simple, we have changed the default installation location to be just C:\HVE (or C:\HVE-2D or C:\HVE-CSI depending upon your system software). 

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