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I am trying to open a case in Version 8.10 and I am getting a message that the filename is too long. I didn't get this message in the previous version, so what do I have to do to open my case?

The new file browsers in Version 8.10 check to ensure the filename is less than 30 characters long.  To open a case file with a longer name, simply open a file browser and rename the case file to less than 30 characters.  Now you will be able to open it in Version 8.10.  These changes were made to eliminate possible issues with long files names causing a corruption in the information saved within the case file. Because HVE was not checking the length of the filename, the additional characters could over-write important case file data, resulting in an unreadable case file. 

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Last update: 2011-08-16 19:44
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