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Every now and then I find that the X-Y crosshair (dragger) manipulator for positioning a vehicle in the Event Editor disappears. If I move the camera inside the vehicle, I find that the manipulator is still present at the CG of the vehicle, but has become

This issue may be due to the combination of your graphics card and your use of a vehicle geometry, an environment geometry or even a case file located on another computer across your network. One solution is to simply relocate the geometry files or case files onto your local computer hard drive. If you are not able to relocate those files, then the solution is to first start HVE (or HVE-2D) and create a simple event where you position a vehicle. For example, add a Generic Class 1 Passenger Car and then create a simple event with the vehicle at 0,0 at a speed of 30 mph (or kph). This action uses only local files and will establish the proper behavior for the manipulator and your graphics card. Then you can continue using this instance of HVE (or HVE-2D) for your specific case requirements.


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Last update: 2011-08-12 00:21
Author: Joe Canova
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