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When I use the HVE Path Follower, my vehicle does not go toward the target vehicle. Why not?

The HVE Path Follower allows the user to specify a desired vehicle path and attempts to force the vehicle, subject to the constraints of physics, to drive through those targets. Sometimes the vehicle cannot match the path because the maneuver is simply impossible for the vehicle or the driver or both. Other times, however, the vehicle may not follow the path because it does not "see" where it is intended to go.

The HVE Path Follower uses the user-editable value of Driver Preview Time (Driver Controls, Path Follower, Driver Data) to specify how far ahead, in time, the simulated driver should look for the path. The default value is 1 second.

Imagine that you want to drive in a circle at 55 mph. How far will you travel in 1 second? 80 feet. That means that at any timestep the model will ignore anything happening for the next 80 feet. It is therefore recommended that, instead of beginning the simulation right on the circle, you begin the simulation on a tangent to the circle about 80 feet away. Then the vehicle and driver will have plenty of time to ease into the turn.

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