The scene was surveyed and modeled, in this case using 3D studio (many other programs work just as well). The 2002 Honda LX V-6 4-Dr sedan, 1977 Mack 685 ST truck tractor and Generic 45 ft. semi-trailer were used as-is, directly from the HVE Vehicle database (the textured geometry file for the semi-trailer may be found in the Vehicle Geometries folder). SIMON was used to simulate the maneuver. Both vehicles started at 30 mph; the Mack truck maintained that speed while the Honda performed the passing maneuver. The new HVE Automatic Transmission model and the HVE Driver model made the analysis very quick and easy to perform. The HVE Driver Path Follower option was used for both vehicles to simulated the required steering inputs to follow the S-curve as well as for the passing maneuver. The Speed Follower option was used to maintain the truck speed at 30 mph.
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