The roadway is a major city street, with 3 lanes in each direction with a center turn lane. The roadway is essentially flat and level. There were tire tracks indicating that the driver of the pickup truck applied heavy braking just prior to impact. The impact marks from the pickup truck indicate the front end was moved leftward at impact. The SUV tires also left marks on the roadway indicating a rapid CCW rotation during and after impact. The police marked the final points of rest for each vehicle.

There was moderate damage to the front of the pickup truck and moderate damage to the left-rear side of the SUV.

The rear seat interior of the SUV showed occupant contact marks on the left door and markings on the back of the driver’s seat. One occupant had injuries on both sides of their body as well as a head injury. One occupant had injuries on their left side as well as a head injury. There was no evidence of restraint usage.

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