HVE directly answers the following questions using Newton's laws of motion:
Impact Speeds
SUV: 22 - 25 mph
Pickup: 42 - 45 mph
Peak Impact Force
SUV: Fx = -37,850 lb, Fy = 66,350 lb, Fz = -1,560 lb
Pickup: Fx = -71,400 lb, Fy = -26,700 lb, Fz = 1,880 lb
Peak Impact Acceleration
SUV: 18 - 23 g
Pickup: 12 - 15 g
Peak Angular Velocity
SUV: ~ -340 deg/sec
SUV: ~ -61 deg
Occupant Analysis
Seat Belt Status: Unbelted
General Motion of Occupant: Left/Forward
Facial Contact Detected: Left Front Seat Headrest
Required Technologies
SIMON 3-D Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Model
DyMESH 3-D Collision Model
GATB 3-D Occupant/Pedestrian Simulation Model
Other software may claim to answer these questions. Have you closely
evaluated their claims and the basis for their results?
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