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This section provides information for users interested in developing their own HVE and HVE-2D compatible reconstruction and simulation programs.

To order an item, please use one of the following methods:

  • Contact EDC Sales by phone at 503.644.4500

  • Contact EDC Sales by e-mail to sales@edccorp.com and provide your name, company name, delivery address and contact phone number along with the Library Reference numbers of the items you would like to order.

  • Download a PDF version of the document simply by clicking on the link in the title of the publication. (Not available for all documents)

Ref. #
Description Publication
Pertains To

0014 "An Overview of the HVE Developer's Toolkit," SAE 940923, Engineering Dynamics Corp., Beaverton, OR, 1994.

DEV-KIT HVE Developer's Toolkit. The toolkit provides the resource files required to connect user-developed physics applications to HVE, and also includes the source code for EDGEN as an example. The Toolkit is available for purchase in Personal or Commercial application formats.
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*All prices include shipping via UPS Ground or  U.S. Postal Service for delivery to addresses in the United States. International shipping charges will be added to orders delivered outside the United States.

**This publication is reproduced from the best available copy. However, some pages are difficult to read.

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