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Name EDVDB-3D (Engineering Dynamics Vehicle Data Base - 3D)
Description FreightEDVDB-3D is a comprehensive 3-D vehicle database developed by EDC for use with HVE. Every vehicle in the database is complete with all the data necessary to perform complex 3-D reconstructions or simulations. Using EDVDB-3D improves results, increases productivity and saves time.

EDVDB-3D is not merely a list of files, but a true hierarchical database. As such, the user selects vehicles according to Type, Make, Model, Year and Body Style as defined in SAE Paper No. 960897, "Updating the Vehicle Class Categories." Vehicles include passenger cars, pickups, vans, sport-utilities, commercial trucks, dollys and trailers. EDVDB-3D also incorporates a database of different tires selectable according to Type, Manufacturer, Model and Size.

ExplorerThe parameters for each vehicle are acquired by EDC Engineers. A complete 3-D mesh of the interior and exterior is produced using a 3-D digitizer. A typical vehicle contains 3,000+ polygons, not including tires and wheels. Suspension rates are measured for each axle. Weights are obtained using platform scales at each wheel. Stiffness coefficients are obtained from leading industry sources, such as NHTSA. Other parameters, such as tire data, are derived from actual tests performed at Calspan, UMTRI and other research facilities. The source of every parameter is documented. An exhaustive review of each vehicle is performed before adding it to the database.

EDVDB-3D currently contains several hundred unique vehicles and is continuously updated with new vehicles. Click here for a list of the vehicles available to use in simulations or reconstructions.

Overview Vehicle Selection
Vehicles are selected using the HVE Vehicle Editor. Combination vehicles, such as a tractor pulling multiple trailers, are constructed by selecting a tow vehicle, trailers and dollys. Vehicles are selected from EDVDB-3D according to the following criteria:

CivicVehicle Type

  • Passenger Car, Pickup, Multi-Purpose, Van, Truck, Trailer, Dolly, Fixed or Movable Barrier


  • Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Mazda, Nissan, Pontiac, Toyota, etc.


  • Lumina, Caravan, Taurus, FLD120, Miata, Sentra, Firebird, Corolla, etc.


  • Model years from 1968 through present are included in EDVDB-3D

    Body Style

  • 4-door, 2-door, Coupe, Convertible, Long-nose Conventional, etc.

    Driver Location

  • Left, Right, Center, None

    Engine Location

  • Front, Mid, Rear, None

    Number of Axles

  • Up to 3 per vehicle

    Drive Axles

  • Up to 3 per vehicle


    Vehicle Editing
    Once the vehicle is selected, HVE loads its unique parameters and the vehicle is ready to be used. The parameters are fully user-editable allowing for further customization. Specific parameter groups are:

    Sprung Mass

  • Inertias
  • CG Location
  • Color
  • 3-D Geometry File
  • Contact Surfaces
  • Belt Restraints
  • Airbag Restraints
  • Inter-Vehicle Connections
  • Aerodynamic Drag
  • Body Torsional Stiffness

    Unsprung Mass

  • Location (x, y, z wheel coordinates)
  • Brake Assembly (Timing, Torque Ratio, Proportioning, Antilock)
  • Suspension
    — Type (Independent, Solid Axle, 4-Spring Tandem, Walking Beam Tandem)
    — Spring & Shocks (Performance Parameters)
    — Inertias (Axle Weight, Roll/Yaw Inertia)
    — Jounce/Rebound (Performance Parameters)
    — Spindle Axis (Performance Parameters)
    — Camber Table vs Jounce/Rebound
    — Antipitch vs Jounce/Rebound
    — Roll Steer vs Jounce/Rebound
  • Number of Tires
  • Tire Spacing
  • Type (Passenger, Light Truck, Heavy Truck, Mobile Home)
  • Manufacturer (Goodyear, Firestone, Pirelli, etc)
  • Model (Dual Steel III, 721, P-8, etc)
  • Size (P185/65SR15, 11.00R22.5H, etc)
  • Performance Parameters
    — Physical Parameters
    — Friction Table (Load & Speed Dependent)
    — Cornering Stiffness Table (Load & Speed Dependent)
    — Camber Stiffness Table (Load & Speed Dependent)
    — Slip vs. Roll-Off Table
  • Dimensions (CG to Front, Sides, Back, Top, Bottom)
  • Structural Stiffness (A, B, Kv) for Front, Sides, Back, Top, Bottom

    Brake Systems

  • Master Cylinder Parameters

    Steering System

  • Steering Gear & Linkage Parameters


  • Engine (Power/Torque vs RPM)
  • Transmission (Gear Numbers, Ratios)
  • Differential (Gear Numbers, Ratios)

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