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  Human Editor

The purpose of the HVE Human Editor is to provide anthropomorphically correct 3-D human GEBOD models for use in dynamic reconstructions and simulations involving motor vehicle occupants and pedestrians. The basic physical/mathematical model of the HVE human is a 15-segment, 14-joint model. Each of these segments has dimensional and inertial properties that may be edited by the user. In addition, each segment may have attached to it one or more contact ellipsoids, which are physical surfaces used by simulations to detect interaction with other objects and to calculate the resulting forces.

The HVE Human Editor consists of two components:

  • Human Editor Dialog — used to create and edit all the humans in the current case

  • Human 3-D Viewer — displays the current human

The HVE Human Editor allows users to select GEBOD human models from HVE databases according to sex, age, weight percentile and height percentile. Any number of humans may be added to a case and edited to have unique parameters. Humans from previous cases can also be added to the current case. Editable parameters include:

  • Inertias
    Segment Weight, Rotational Inertias (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)

  • Contact Ellipsoids (up to 3 per segment)
    Name, Center Coordinates, Semi-Axis Length, Principal Axes, Material Properties

  • Injury Tolerance
    HIC, Head Pitch Concussion, Head Side Acceleration, Chest SI, Chest Force, Chest Forward Acceleration, Maximum Axial Femur Load, Maximum Lap Belt Force, Maximum Torso Belt Force

  • Joints
    Coordinates, Type, Stop Angles, Stop Elasticities, Stop Energy Dissipation, Elastic Constants (Linear, Quadratic, Cubic), Damping Constant, Full Damping Angular Velocity, Joint Injury Tolerance

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