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  Vehicle Editor

The purpose of the HVE Vehicle Editor is to provide high fidelity vehicle models for use in dynamic reconstructions and simulations involving motor vehicles. The HVE Vehicle Model represents a superset of all the current vehicle simulators, providing all vehicle dynamics researchers with a robust model for development of virtually any desired vehicle dynamics simulator. The generality of scope also provides the capacity for human occupant and pedestrian simulation as well.

The HVE Vehicle Editor allows users to select vehicles from databases according to type, make, model, year and body style. Vehicle types include passenger car, pickups, sport-utility, van, truck, trailer, dolly, fixed and moving barriers.

The following databases contain all the data sets necessary to perform complex 3-D reconstructions or simulations within HVE:

  • Generic — Useful for generic classes of passenger car, pickup, sport-utility, van, commercial truck, dolly, fixed and moving barrier types as specified in SAE 960897 — "Updating the Vehicle Class Categories". (This database is supplied Free with HVE.)

  • EDVDB-3D — Comprehensive 3-D vehicle database containing several hundred unique vehicles complete with geometry files of 3,000+ polygons (not including tires and wheels). Using EDVDB-3D improves results, increases productivity and saves time.

  • User Extendable — "Build" your own custom vehicles to match case requirements and save them in a user extendable database for use in other cases.

  • Custom Vehicle — EDC can locate, measure and provide database and geometry files for specific vehicles required for a case.

Editable parameter groups for vehicles include:

  • Sprung Mass
    Inertias, CG Location, Color, Contact Surfaces, Belt Restraints, Airbag Restraints, Inter-vehicle Connections, Aerodynamic Drag, Body Torsional Stiffness

  • Unsprung Mass
    Location, Brake Assembly, Suspension Parameters

  • Tires
    Number, Spacing, Type, Manufacturer, Model, Size, Performance Parameters (Physical, Load- and Speed- Dependent Fx vs Slip, Fy vs Slip Angle, Fy vs Camber, Slip-Rolloff)

  • Exterior
    Dimensions, Structural Stiffness, 3-D Geometry File

  • Systems
    Brake (Master Cylinder or Compressor Parameters)
    Steering (Gear, Column & Linkage Parameters)

  • Drivetrain
    Engine, Transmission, Differential

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