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Advanced Traffic Crash Reconstruction with HVE-CSI

August 19 - 23, 2013 • IPTM • Jacksonville, FL

Advanced Traffic Crash Reconstruction with HVE-CSI will teach you how to use HVE-CSI and apply it to all phases of your reconstruction, from the pre-collision events and avoidance potential to the dynamics of the collision phase and spin-out of the vehicles. Numerous "hands-on" exercises help you understand how HVE-CSI provides the ability to analyze variables that affect an impact speed analysis. In addition, the course discusses post-impact trajectories, common velocity issues, spin analysis, and collision force balancing. The registration fee includes 40 hours of training, course materials and also your own licensed copy of HVE-CSI to keep afterwards.

HVE-CSI is a unique version of EDC's HVE highway safety research software that focuses directly on the needs of law enforcement officers. Following inspections of the vehicles and crash site, officers can use HVE-CSI to reconstruct the crash. The results of the reconstruction help to identify factors, such as excessive speed, loss of control and failure to obey traffic control devices. The ultimate goal is to improve highway safety for the motoring public.

For more information about the training course or to sign up directly with IPTM, visit the IPTM website using this link - ATCR-HVE-CSI. For more information about HVE-CSI's capabilities or to request a demonstration, contact EDC by email or call 888.768.6216.

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