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DamageStudio Improved for Version 9

Since it's introduction last year, DamageStudio has allowed both EDSMAC4 and SIMON/DyMESH users to visualize their collision data, and correlate collision damage with the kinetics, delta-V, acceleration and other important collision parameters from their simulations.

With the Simulated Damage Viewer Option selected, the viewer displays the vehicle damage calculated by the simulation. As the simulation plays, the damage profile dynamically updates, showing the current damage profile. The DamageStudio viewer also displays the PDOF, impulse center and color-coded crush vectors showing free space and actual crush depth. Additionally, the Damage Profile group displays the current impulse number (up to 10 individual impulses per vehicle), along with the following results for the current impulse: Collision Deformation Classification (CDC), PDOF, Width, Offset, Elevation/Distance and Crush Table.

In the Version 9 release, the method used by DamageStudio to interrogate the damaged mesh has been significantly improved, making the Crush Table much more robust. Also, the Key Results window in DamageStudio now utilitizes a lighter background transparency so the values are easier to read. Users have found it very helpful to be able to display detailed results from their collision simulations, such as current time, impulse number, velocity, acceleration, delta-V, PDOF and force.

The detailed collision information provided by DamageStudio has many uses. One example is the ability to directly compare simulated crush dimensions with a measured damage profile. This technique can also be used to fine-tune stiffness coefficients from staged collision data. DamageStudio can also be used to identify the magnitude and direction of individual impulses, peak collision forces, accelerations and delta-Vs for vehicles undergoing multiple impacts, even if the impacts are simultaneous.

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