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The Distance Tool

The Distance Tool is used to determine the distance between any two selected points in the HVE, HVE-2D or HVE-CSI Event Editor. The points may be on humans, vehicles or the environment; any object can be selected.

Using the Distance Tool to measure tractor-trailer offtracking in an EDSMAC4 simulation

Using the Distance Tool is easy. In the Distance Tool dialog, enter From and To coordinates and press Apply, or click on objects to assign the From and To points directly in the viewer. A green sphere identifies the From point and a red sphere identifies the To point. The Distance Tool dialog displays the coordinates of the From and To points, as well as the Distance (X, Y, Z and Total) and Angles (Azimuth and Zenith) between the selected points.

Distance Tool dialog in the Event Editor

Users are finding the Distance Tool extremely helpful when setting up and running reconstructions and simulations. Here's what users have to say about this capability:

"I imported a satellite image to use for my environment. I was able to use the Distance Tool to make sure I had the scale correct and it actually matched up to the scale in the image, perfectly. I used known lanes widths for the vertical measurements and compared using the Distance Tool as well."
- Mike Shepston, MJ Shepston & Associates

"I have never used a new feature in HVE so much as I am using the Distance Tool.  Really very helpful!  I have a case right now where distance between two vehicles is important and I have to keep iterating runs.  Extremely handy!"
- Eric Deyerl, Dial Engineering

"The new measuring tool developed by EDC and incorporated in HVE is, in my opinion, nothing less than amazing. I have used it on several cases with excellent results. The tool will measure distance in three dimensions and solves issues when dealing with unusual  vertical contacts. It also can be used for the typical horizontal dimension requirements associated with most collision investigations. Most measuring tools will only give a horizontal distance from a plan view. This tool will work for all aspects of the analysis and is one of the most useful everyday features associated with HVE."
- John Hunter, ITS

The Distance Tool is one of several tools included in the HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) simulation software suite used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. To learn more about HVE, HVE-2D or HVE-CSI, contact EDC or call 888.768.6216.

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