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Wheel Impact Simulation Using DyMESH

The latest version of the DyMESH 3-D Collision Model computes collision forces and moments for wheel-to-sprung mass and wheel-to-wheel impacts. Each wheel is a DyMESH object with a mass and a mesh, and its properties are defined by the tire dimensions, inertias and radial stiffness. The kinematics of the tire are also included, so spinning wheels create moments and forces from tangential friction. Applications include monster truck simulations, trailer under-ride resulting in wheel impact, and the typical intersection collision wherein a wheel represents a hard region affecting collision dynamics.

HVE simulation video of a monster truck driving over the hood and roof of a sedan (Watch on YouTube)

The scenario below illustrates a classic example of a collision involving a sideswipe impact between the wheels of a truck tractor and a passenger car: A Peterbilt 2-axle tractor pulling double belly-dump trailers uphill over a narrow bridge crossed the centerline in front of an approaching Ford sedan. Both drivers reacted, but impact occurred between the left, rear tractor drive wheels and the left, rear corner of the Ford sedan.

Impact between Peterbilt rear drive wheels and Ford rear corner shown in HVE Event Editor

Table of 'Questions and Answers' directly addressed by the HVE simulation

The DyMESH 3-D Collision Model is one of several tools available in the HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) simulation software suite used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. To learn more about HVE and DyMESH, contact EDC or call 888.768.6216.

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