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Using EDSMAC4 For Motorcycle-Vehicle Collisions

The HVE White Paper below is yet another excellent example of how HVE simulations can be used to investigate crashes where traditional accident reconstruction techniques, such as momentum and energy analyses, are not adequate or appropriate. In this paper, the use of EDSMAC4 is evaluated for studying crashes in which a motorcycle collides with a passenger car.

Computer Simulation of Staged Motorcycle-Vehicle Collisions Using EDSMAC4
E. Deyerl - Dial Engineering
L. Cheng - Applied BioMechanics


The use of computer simulation to analyze motorcycle-into-vehicle collisions is examined and presented. The software program EDSMAC4, developed for the simulation of vehicle-to-vehicle collisions, is extended in this study to the analysis of collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles. Simulation results are compared to the results of the series of full-scale staged collisions between motorcycles and passenger vehicles previously published in SAE paper 2002-01-0551, "Seventeen Motorcycle Crash Tests Into Vehicles and a Barrier" by Adamson, et. al.

Motorcycle Crash Test #9 Diagram and EDSMAC4 Simulation (Displayed in Wireframe)

The rest positions, damage ranges, and speed changes of the test vehicles in the simulations and those in the full-scale tests are presented in numerical and graphical formats. This effort achieved good to excellent correlation between the simulated and test results, thereby providing support for the use of this simulation technique for the type of motorcycle-vehicle collisions examined in this study. In the set of 10 crash tests analyzed, 10 motorcycles moving at speeds between 25 and 49 miles per hour were guided into 2 stopped passenger vehicles. The simulations of these full-scale tests calculated the rest locations of the test automobiles to within approximately 1 foot or less in 7 out of the 10 tests, the changes in the automobile headings to within 4 degrees in all 10 of the tests, the automobiles' speed changes to within 2 ½ miles per hour in 8 of the 10 tests, the motorcycle speed changes to within 3 miles per hour in 7 out of the 10 tests, and the average automobile damage depths to within 2 inches in 7 out of the 10 tests.

Measured vs. EDSMAC4 Results Comparison Table

To download this publication, visit the HVE White Paper section of the EDC website Library or just click on the images above. For more information about using HVE and EDSMAC4 for your crash investigations, please contact EDC at 888.768.6216.

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