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Featured Workshop: DyMESH Version 3

2012 HVE Forum • February 27 - March 2, 2012 • New Orleans, LA

The DyMESH 3-D Collision Model, Version 3 workshop at the 2012 HVE Forum presents the background and theory of DyMESH and explores its capabilities for detailed study of real-world crashes that involve 3-dimensional collision dynamics or rollover. The workshop also introduces the new DyMESH Version 3 advanced technologies for collision simulation, such as vehicle-to-wheel interaction and enhanced crush stiffness modeling.

The DyMESH Version 3 workshop covers the following topics:

  • Basic DyMESH Overview - Learn the basic modeling approach used by DyMESH, and how DyMESH calculates forces between vehicles.

  • Modeling of Wheel Impact - Learn how DyMESH Version 3 calculates forces acting on a vehicle's wheels .

  • Advanced Force vs. Displacement Model - Learn how DyMESH Version 3 uses 3-D stiffness coefficients that employ a 3rd-order force vs. displacement relationship with crush saturation.

  • DyMESH Integration into SIMON - Learn how DyMESH Version 3 is incorporated into the SIMON model to provide a complete simulation of a collision event.

  • DyMESH Output Parameters - The outputs resulting from a collision simulation are presented and explained.

  • DyMESH Validation - Validations are presented providing examples of the use of DyMESH for vehicle vs. vehicle and vehicle vs. barrier crashes.

To sign up for this workshop, download the 2012 HVE Forum Workshop Registration book containing a complete list of workshops, schedule and registration form. If you need assistance completing your registration, contact EDC at 888.768.6216.

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