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HVE ABS Simulation Model

The HVE ABS simulation model helps you study crashes involving ABS-equipped vehicles. Since the vast majority of vehicles are fitted with ABS, the HVE ABS simulation model is an important capability, especially for simulating pre-impact braking and loss of control.

SIMON Simulation Using the HVE ABS Model - High Speed Lane Change Manuever With Hard Braking

The HVE ABS model uses an algorithm to maximize brake force and prevent excessive wheel slip by modulating the brake pressure at each wheel, just like the ABS system on an actual vehicle. Two ABS algorithms are available:

  • The Tire Slip option is a simple and straight-forward ABS algorithm. Its design is based on the fundamental goal of an ABS system, which is to maintain tire slip in the vicinity of peak friction coefficient. It is generally applicable to any type of vehicle (passenger car, truck, etc).
  • The HVE Bosch option is based on Bosch technical literature. It was validated using test data provided by Bosch. Bosch ABS systems are used on many foreign and domestic passenger cars.

Vehicle Editor Dialog for the ABS System Data Used by the HVE ABS Model

More detailed information about the HVE ABS Simulation Model is available in SAE 2002-01-0559, "A Simulation Model for Vehicle Braking Systems Fitted with ABS," and in SAE 2010-01-0070, "Verification of ABS Models Applied in Programs for Road Accident Simulation."

SIMON Simulation with the HVE ABS Model Disabled - High Speed Lane Change Manuever With Hard Braking

The HVE ABS Simulation model is one of several tools available for the HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) simulation software suite used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. To learn more about HVE, contact EDC or call 888.768.6216.

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