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Engineering Dynamics Corporation Announces
Electronic Stability Systems Simulation Model

BEAVERTON, OR - April 12, 2011 - Engineering Dynamics Corporation (EDC) has developed a new electronic stability systems simulation model. The HVE Electronic Stability Systems (ESS) model provides crash reconstructionists the ability to simulate motor vehicle crashes involving loss-of-control due to poor driving conditions or driver overreaction during an emergency.

High Speed Cornering and Braking Simulation in SIMON Using the HVE ESS Model

Most modern vehicles have two types of electronic stability control systems. A Traction Control System (TCS) helps to maintain traction at each wheel by reducing drive torque for drive wheels that are spinning, and rerouting that drive torque to wheels that are not. A Yaw Stability Control system (YSC) helps to maintain vehicle directional control during a steering maneuver by applying or reducing drive torque and/or brake pressure to individual wheels to reduce the current yaw moment. The HVE ESS model includes both a TCS model and a YSC model, providing exceptional fidelity for predicting real-world behavior of modern vehicles.

HVE Vehicle Editor Dialog for the Electronic Stability System Data Used by the HVE ESS Model

Whether the vehicles involved in your crash have Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or other branded electronic stability control safety features, the HVE ESS model will allow you to perform detailed investigations of loss-of-control and related issues. The Technical Session of the Spring 2011 EDC Technical Newsletter focuses on the inner workings of the HVE ESS model and provides an application of the model for a high-speed cornering and braking maneuver using SIMON.

High Speed Cornering and Braking Simulation in SIMON Without ESS

The HVE ESS model is one of several tools available for the HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) simulation software suite used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. To learn more about HVE, contact EDC or call 503.644.4500 today.

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