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HVE Tire Blow-out Model

The HVE Tire Blow-out Model allows you to study crashes where a vehicle's tires experience rapid deflation due to a puncture, sidewall failure or collision with another vehicle or object. Using the model in SIMON or EDSMAC4 allows you to simulate and predict the outcome for various driver control responses or for the effect on the post-impact motion of the vehicle.

SIMON simulation using the HVE Tire Blow-out Model

Tire blow-outs generate changes in tire forces and moments that affect vehicle handling. The HVE Tire Blow-out Model allows you to study in detail the transient effects of a sudden air loss by varying the tire's mechanical properties during a maneuver.

HVE Event Editor dialog for the HVE Tire Blow-out Model

More detailed information and experimental validation of the HVE Tire Blow-out Model are available in SAE 980221, "3-Dimensional Simulation of Vehicle Response to Tire Blow-outs." A video comparison between experiments and simulations conducted as part of the validation work for the model is available on the EDC YouTube Channel, as shown below.

Video of experiment vs. simulation for "3-Dimensional Simulation of Vehicle Response to Tire Blow-outs"

The HVE Tire Blow-out Model is one of several tools available for the HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) simulation software suite used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. To learn more about HVE, contact EDC or call 888.768.6216.

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