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Background - DyMESH Version 3 is the next generation of the DyMESH collision model. One of the important new capabilities for Version 3 is:

  • Wheel Impact - DyMESH Version 3 computes the collision forces and moments for wheel-to-sprung mass and wheel-to-wheel impacts. The model is rigorous, that is, each wheel is a DyMESH object with a mass and a mesh (just like a vehicle). Its properties are defined by the tire dimensions, inertias and radial stiffness. The kinematics of the tire are included, so spinning wheels create moments and forces from tangential friction. Wheel steer and camber are also accounted for. The resulting forces and moments go directly into the equations of motion. Those forces and moments may also produce wheel displacement (linear, camber and steer), directly simulating wheel/suspension damage. Applications include Monster Truck simulations, trailer under-ride resulting in wheel impact, and, of course, the typical intersection collision wherein a wheel represents a hard region affecting collision dynamics.

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