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Tire Sidewall Interaction with Safety Rail in SIMON

The HVE White Paper section of the EDC website Library contains numerous examples of real-world crash reconstructions and research studies performed by HVE users from around the world. Each paper highlights the application of HVE-compatible physics programs to investigate factors that may cause or contribute to a crash.

In the paper below, presented at the 2013 HVE Forum, the tire sidewall impact model in SIMON is used to study if an existing side railing configuration is adequate to prevent a heavy truck from driving off the side of an elevated scale platform.

Analysis of Tire Rub Rail Interaction
Dirk Smith, Ph.D., P.E. -- Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.


On December 20, 2010, a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspector issued a citation at a mine site because the side railings on the driveover- scale were not mid-axle height of the largest piece of equipment to use the scale. The side railings were 5 inch diameter tubing with the top of the rail 10 inches high.

Photo of Approach to the Scale

Photo of the Side Rail and Drop Off

HVE and SIMON were used to model the interaction of a tractor-trailer and a straight truck with the side railing. Based on the speed of trucks on the scales, the method of operation on the scales, truck dynamics and driver control, the HVE analysis revealed that the height of the side rails on the subject scale was sufficient to give feedback to the driver and keep the truck on the scale. The MHSA judge agreed with this analysis and dismissed the citation.

Environment and Truck at start of SIMON Simulation

SIMON Simulation with 5 mph, 3 deg Steer Angle inputs showing Truck at rest against Side Rail

Table of SIMON Simulation Results for Range of Possible Speed and Steer Angle Conditions

To download this publication, visit the HVE White Paper section of the EDC website Library or just click on any of the images above.

The capabilities presented in this paper are only part of EDC's ongoing effort to drive the state-of-the-art in simulation technology used by motor vehicle crash reconstructionists in over 30 countries. For more information about using HVE and SIMON for your crash investigations, please contact EDC at 888.768.6216.

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