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Announcing HVE Version 11!

Field testing of HVE, HVE-2D and HVE-CSI Version 11 begins in two weeks. Version 11 is loaded with powerful new features and capabilities. For example:

New Robust DXF Translator • Thanks to a totally new DXF translator, HVE can now import crash site terrain models directly from total station surveys as well as from a vast array of CAD programs. The new translator was built directly on top of Autocad's DXF toolkit, thus ensuring the seamless importing of virtually any DXF file from Release 14 up to the present.

Traffic Signals Simulation System • Users can now create virtually any type of traffic signal system, such as blinking lights and sequential systems. The Traffic Signal Editor (see upper screenshot) is used to create and edit the individual traffic signals. Each signal may include up to eight individual multi-function lights with solid lenses, solid or blinking directional arrows, and horizontal or vertical bars or crosses. The Traffic Signal Set-up dialog (see lower screenshot) is used to time the sequence. The smartly designed sequential timing interface makes setting up the signals for an entire intersection quick and easy.

Dynamic Driver Table Length • Driver control tables for steering, braking and throttle may now have an unlimited number of entries, allowing users to copy data to the tables directly from EDR downloads.

Brake Lights • Vehicle brake lights now come on any time the brake pedal is applied during a simulation event; the user no longer needs to explicitly activate them. The same is true for back-up lights; they come on when a vehicle's transmission is shifted into reverse gear.

Copy Human/Vehicle • It is now possible with a single push of a button to create an exact copy of any human or vehicle in the current HVE case file. This is really handy for what-if scenarios comparing results with similar humans and/or vehicles.

HVE Driver Model Update • The HVE Driver Model Speed Follower option has been updated. This option allows users to determine the throttle and braking necessary to follow a desired speed profile. Because the model is based on the vehicle's drivetrain and brake systems, as well as the available tire-terrain friction, the Speed Follower can also tell the user when an attempted maneuver is prohibited by the laws of physics.

These are just a few of the enhancements available in HVE Version 11.

HVE Version 11 is scheduled for release on February 9, 2015. It will be shipped automatically to all users with a current Update/Support policy. If you would like to update your HVE, HVE-2D or HVE-CSI software, contact us today for a personalized quotation via email or phone 888.768.6216.

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