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Vehiclemetrics Launches HVE Vehicle Database

Initial Release Includes 70 New Vehicles

Vehiclemetrics is ready to launch their new HVE-compatible vehicle database. As introduced at the 2012 HVE Forum in HVE-WP-2012-2, "An Introduction to the Vehiclemetrics HVE Vehicle Database," the vehicle models will appear and function similar to existing HVE vehicles. The geometry is created with an HVE specific mesh density, consisting of a semi-uniform grid spacing of polygons for more uniform crush computations and visualizations. The mechanical data included in most of the models will include the following features:

  • Measured parameters for three-dimensional suspension movement, braking and steering.
  • Measured wheel center (spring) rate.
  • Calculated wheel damping rate based upon vibration testing.
  • Measured auxiliary roll stiffness.
  • Measured vehicle mass data and center of gravity data.

The database is designed to be plug-and-play in a current HVE installation. A user selects vehicles from the Vehiclemetrics database as they would for a Generic Vehicle or Custom Vehicle from the EDVDB-3D vehicle database. Licensing of the database is controlled by the HVE license manager, and the user receives a new license file with their Vehiclemetrics database.

This initial release of the database includes geometry and mechanical data for 70 current model vehicles typically available for sale in North America. Vehiclemetrics anticipates adding 100 to 150 vehicles per year to the database. Information regarding the purchase of the database, individual vehicles or custom orders is available at, or by calling Vehiclemetrics at 1-855-966-3357 (toll-free). Discounts are being offered for this initial release, so act today!

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