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3-D Vehicle Simulation, Part I: SIMON
Instructor: Terry D. Day
Time: Tuesday, 1:30 PM

The SIMON (Simulation MOdel Non-linear) vehicle simulation model is the first vehicle simulation model built by EDC from the ground up. SIMON incorporates not only new, object-oriented design technologies, it also is the first model to use all of HVE's advanced features. The following materials are covered:

  • Basic Model Overview - The student learns about the basic features incorporated into the SIMON program.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Model - The student learns how a truly 3-dimensional vehicle dynamics model is designed and implemented.
  • SIMON Extended Options - The student learns about options for performing single vehicle and articulated vehicle simulations, and for performing true 3-dimensional collision simulations using EDC's patented DyMESH technology.
  • SIMON Output - The student learns about all the output parameters produced by SIMON, and how to debug and improve simulation results by evaluating the output parameters.
  • Examples - This workshop provides numerous examples of the use of SIMON for vehicle handling and collision studies. A special emphasis is placed on reviewing and understanding SIMON's output variables to improve analysis and interpretation of complex events and maneuvers.

Upon completing this workshop, the student will understand SIMON's general design assumptions and feature set.

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3-D Vehicle Simulation, Part II: HVE Brake Designer & ABS/ESS Simulation Models
Instructor: Terry D. Day
Time: Thursday, 1:30 PM

In this workshop, the student will learn the theoretical basis and practical application of the HVE Brake Designer. Specifically, the course will cover:

  • Free-body analysis of various brake types
  • Temperature model for drum brakes
  • Use of the HVE interface to simulate a complete brake system, from the brake pedal to the wheel brake assemblies
  • Examples using the HVE Brake Designer for parametric studies and ways to accurately simulate a failed brake system.

The student attending this workshop will also learn about the HVE ABS and ESS Simulation Models.  Specifically, the course will cover:

  • An overview of ABS/ESS and current ABS/ESS methodologies
  • A detailed discussion of the HVE ABS and ESS Simulation Models user interface and how various parameters are used.
  • The updated model for displaying skidmarks from tires on ABS/ESS-equipped vehicles
  • Examples comparing maneuvers with ABS/ESS-equipped and non-ABS/ESS-equpped vehicles

Upon completing this workshop, the student will have the background and practical knowledge necessary to incorporate custom brake and ABS/ESS models into their HVE vehicle simulations.

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3-D Vehicle Simulation, Part III: Blowouts and Rollovers  

Instructor: Kenneth S. Baker
Time: Friday, 8:30 AM

The purpose of this workshop is to acquaint the student with the use of EDVSM and SIMON for studying complex accident scenarios involving tire blow-out, traversing soft soil, curb impact and vehicle rollover. The following material is covered:

  • HVE Tire Blow-out Model - The student is exposed to the analytical method used to simulate air loss in a tire. Model parameters are investigated and tire modeling effects are studied.
  • Using EDVSM and SIMON to Study Rollover - The student learns basic techniques for simulating rollovers, including the influence of friction, terrain discontinuities, CG height, suspension characteristics and driver inputs.
  • Vehicle Body vs. Ground Interaction - The student learns how EDVSM and SIMON models the interaction forces and moments between the vehicle body and terrain during a rollover.
  • Tire-Terrain Models - The student is introduced to the HVE Radial Spring, Sidewall Impact and Soft Soil Tire-Terrain Models, and how they differ from the Point Contact model that is commonly used.
  • Examples - This workshop provides several examples using EDVSM and SIMON to study tire blow-outs and rollovers. Validations for EDVSM and SIMON and the Tire Blow-Out Model are included.
Upon completion of this workshop, the student will be able to use EDVSM and SIMON to study tire blow-outs, soft soil traversals, curb impacts and vehicle rollovers.

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