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Collision Simulation
DyMESH™ 3-D Collision Model, Version 3  

Instructor: Terry D. Day
Time: Wednesday, 8:30 AM

The purpose of this workshop is to acquaint the student with the capabilities of the updated DyMESH collision model. The following material is covered:

  • Basic DyMESH Overview - The student is exposed to the basic modeling approach used by DyMESH, and how DyMESH calculates forces between vehicles.
  • Modeling of Wheel Impact - The student learns how DyMESH calculates forces acting on a vehicle's wheels (new for DyMESH Version 3).
  • DyMESH Integration into SIMON - The student learns how DyMESH Version 3 is incorporated into the SIMON model to provide a complete simulation of a collision event.
  • DyMESH Output Parameters - The outputs resulting from a collision simulation are presented and explained.
  • DyMESH Validation - Validations are presented providing examples of the use of DyMESH for vehicle vs. vehicle and vehicle vs. barrier crashes.

Upon completing this workshop, the student will understand the theory of DyMESH and its applications to real-world 3-dimensional collision and rollover simulation events. The workshop will include a special emphasis on the differences between DyMESH versions 2 and 3.

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