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Building a Vehicle for HVE & HVE-2D
Instructor: Daniel Peralta
Time: Friday, 8:30 AM

The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize the student with the process EDC uses to build vehicles for HVE.  The following material is covered:

  • Vehicle Data Files - The student is presented with a detailed overview of the process used by EDC for obtaining all the required vehicle data and for reducing these data into the form required by the HVE Vehicle Data Structure.  A sample vehicle data file is reviewed in detail.
  • Vehicle Geometry Files - The student is presented with an overview of how to create a vehicle geometry file using a digitizer, as well as customize the geometry using 3D software packages.  This will provide the user with an outline for creating a geometry file and tools for customizing the appearance of a vehicle.
  • Building Your Own Vehicles - The student is presented with a detailed overview of the process to customize a generic vehicle from the Generic Database in HVE and HVE-2D by editing data parameters and geometry file.  The process of saving this customized vehicle into the User Database for use in future classes is also discussed.

Upon completing this workshop, the student will have a good outline to follow for building a vehicle for HVE and HVE-2D and the necessary tools for customizing its appearance and data parameters.

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