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Using DamageStudio
Instructor: Terry D. Day
Time: Thursday, 8:30 AM


The goal of this workshop is to provide both a theoretical and a practical basis for DamageStudio. The theoretical basis delves into the physics of collision mechanics and how DamageStudio captures that information. The practical basis uses a hands-on approach, providing real-world examples.

The following topics are covered:

  • High-level Overview
    • What is DamageStudio?
    • Which physics models use DamageStudio?
    • Differences between DamageStudio and current methods and options

  • Description of CollisionData
    • Included parameters
    • Integration into SIMON
    • Integration into EDSMAC4

  • Description of DamageStudio
    • Viewer options
    • Damage profile options

  • DamageStudio Applications and Examples (Hands-on)
    • 2-Car collision
    • Rollover

Upon completing this workshop, the student will be able to understand how DamageStudio produces the damage information presented in the Collision Data report and the DamageStudio viewer, and to apply DamageStudio to individual cases involving vehicle collision and rollovers.

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