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Current Downloads

Keep your software current by downloading the latest updates and patches from the list below. Be sure to only download files that match the installed version of your HVE, HVE-2D or HVE-CSI software.

Version 2019 Downloads

    Date Posted
    Version 2019 - This version contains several new enhancements and updates for HVE and HVE-2D users, including:

    • HVE 2019 includes two new tools for environment terrains created using point clouds:
      • Scissors - This tool allows you to cut out a section of an overly dense point cloud terrain and separate the "driving surface" from the remainder of the environment.
      • Decimation - This tool allows you to reduce and smooth the driving surface. This, in turn, allows you to greatly reduce the polygon count for the driving surface. It also removes the typical noise from the driving surface but keeps the curbs and potholes.
    • Another change allows EDSMAC4 to use the actual vehicle mesh in the calculation of collision force, instead of just using the simple rectangle based on vehicle exterior dimensions.

    Read the accompanying Release Notes for a complete description of the changes.

    NOTE: This download requires a new license. Please contact EDC Technical Support for assistance.

    Click on the following link to download the full installation:

    19 Dec 2019

General Downloads

    Date Posted
    Vehicle Light Definitions Template - This download is a text file that can be used as a template for adding a light system to an existing HVE vehicle geometry file. The procedure for using this template is provided in the Winter 2016 Technical Newsletter (see Technical Session).

    NOTE: Vehicle Light Systems are supported in HVE Version 10 and later (January 2014).

    Click on the following link to download the file:

    12 Jan 2016
    Original Environment Location Database - This file is the original envlocation.ldb file that was installed with HVE, HVE-2D or HVE-CSI Version 8.20 or newer. This file can be downloaded and saved directly to the supportFiles/db folder to replace the existing file.

    Click on the following link to download the file:

    20 Jun 2011

For assistance with downloads, please contact EDC Technical Support at 503.644.4500 or by email to support@edccorp.com.

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