2021 HVE Forum 
February 22-26, 2021

Crowne Plaza Ft. Meyers at the Bell Tower Shops

Call 239-482-2900 or book online at Reservations for Crowne Plaza - 2021 EDC-HVE Forum 

Make sure to use group code EDC

About the 2021 HVE Forum

The 2021 HVE Forum is where you will learn how to use the latest features and capabilities of HVE, HVE-2D and HVE-CSI. An excellent selection of workshops is available, designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced users. In addition, the Forum has User's Group meetings, the HVE White Paper Session and interactive networking social hours at the end of each day. Another great benefit is pre-approval for 20 - 35 ACTAR credits depending upon your workshop selection.

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Call For Papers

 Here's what attendees to previous HVE Forums have had to say -
"I attended last year’s HVE Forum in Austin.  The forum is a great opportunity for new and experienced HVE users to learn valuable skills from the EDC software developers and power users.  Good food, drinks, and networking opportunities were abundant.  I highly recommend the event.  It is a great value and a lot of fun." - Daniel Honeycutt, ESi            

"The opportunity to review and connect with HVE Users as well as EDC staff is extremely valuable. Ask questions and invest the time to go through any exercises. You will be rewarded for your efforts." - Jeffrey Cleary, Pro Analysis, Inc.

"As the years have gone by, I have found greater and more varied uses for HVE, especially SIMON and DyMESH. What I used to do by hand can now be done with greater accuracy and ease by HVE. I continue to be impressed by the sustained effort and support of the EDC Staff. Keep up the development EDC. You provide a product more valuable than it's cost." - Cline Young

"I have previously attended the 1997, 2002, 2005 & 2009 Forums. There have been quite a number of changes in hardware and the software over the last 15 years. However, at every Forum I have attended I have walked away with an abundance of knowledge. The first day of this year's Forum [2012], the Advanced HVE Part I and Part II workshop was worth the tuition alone. The rest of the week was a bonus from Monday on!"- Tim Tuttle

"Every user of HVE should attend the HVE Forums. There are always gems to be picked up." - Dr. William Blythe

"As a new user, I was unfamiliar with HVE. I attended these workshops to get an understanding of how to properly navigate the software. Having attended the full week of hands-on intro workshops, I am now comfortable navigating the software, and in fact, I now see even greater potential for the use of the software in what we do." - Kevin Tully

"The Forum was an excellent opportunity to learn from the creators of HVE and interact with some of the most knowledgeable users in the field." - Roman Beck

"As an HVE-2D user, I enjoyed the open discussions during the Forum which provided an opportunity to learn from the instructor and fellow classmates." - Heath Spivey