The location of the flooded region was estimated from crash site photos and confirmed during the site inspection. Because of the super-elevation, the water layer was thin; approximately 0.15 inches in depth. The road macrotexture was typical for moderately well-traveled asphalt pavement. The site was surveyed and modeled, in this case using 3D studio (many other programs work just as well). The 2009 Nissan Pathfinder SE was created using a Generic Class 1 SUV and a body mesh found on the internet. During inspection, it was found that the tires were worn to 2/32 inches. The event was simulated using SIMON; the HVE Hydroplaning Model (Gallaway option), HVE Automatic Transmission Model and HVE Driver Model with Speed Follower option (the driver had stated his cruise control was on) were also used.
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